April 16, 2008

A Mandate

By David Lopez



In October of 2004, I began what was to be the first of many worship guitar duties at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest CA.  After arriving at Saddleback’s Worship Center to play for a Saturday evening service,  I went to my designated spot on stage and began to set up my gear.

At some point, I paused from setting up and just began staring out at the empty seats.  While thinking that I should probably begin praying for the service, I soon realized that God just wanted me to stand there, be still, and take in the moment. 

While still gazing at the empty seats,  the word “Responsibility” slowly began to resonate in my being.  The graphic above is a pretty accurate representation of the mental picture I had that afternoon. 

After having this incredible “God” moment, I walked away with more questions than answers.  What was I supposed to be responsible for?  (Getting the notes right, preparing for each service, maintaining a Godly home-life)

Even after four years of trying to unpack this moment, this mental image continually arises and seems to point to areas in my life that I need to be responsible for.

Initially, the one thing I did walk away with was a tremendous sense of value that God has placed on the office of a Worship Guitarist.

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