April 18, 2008

Bruce Adolph

By David Lopez

Bruce Adolph is the President and Editor of ChristianMusician.com, a magazine and website dedicated to improving the musicianship of church musicians and aspiring Christian artists. 

To many of us who lived in the Southern California’s South Bay area during the 80’s, Bruce was the manager of The Carpenter Music Store.  The Carpenter was a safe & sane music store where you could get great gear and purchase the latest Christian music.

He frequently scheduled clinics and workshops that featured many of Christian music’s top players. 

In the summer of 85, while on break from U.C. Irvine, I dropped by The Carpenter to purchase the new Boss Digital Delay pedal.  As I walked into the store, Bruce immediately took notice of my new “Reebok” t-shirt (Hey, it was the 80’s). 

As Bruce and I were trying to determine a purchase price for the pedal, we became bogged down over a $20 price difference.  Being the consummate business man,

Bruce breaks the stalemate by saying “Give me the t-shirt and I’ll sell you the pedal at your price.”  Bruce was kind enough to provide me with another shirt to wear home. 

All in all, The Carpenter was a great place to buy gear, buy music, and basically just hang out.  Thank you Bruce for all your hard work at The Carpenter.  It was truly an integral part of my musical upbringing.

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